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    Posted: 23 July 2012
    Last week, Ria, an Avaaz member in the UK sent these words:
    "I am 65 years old and have terminal cancer and not long to live. I can do very little practically because of this. The state of the world and the amount of violence and injustice breaks my heart. Through your organisation even I can make a difference and try to help make this world a better place for others before I leave it. This is a positive and peaceful action which gives me great comfort. I am no longer helpless and powerless, I can vote, I have power to change things even now.

    Thank you for giving me this priceless opportunity at such a time as this. Peace and democracy in Syria would be such a fantastic 'going away present'. However, this was really just to say say thank you for giving so many people who care a voice which is now heard world wide. 15,000,000! What a voice to be reckoned with. Thank you to you all."
    Ria's message expresses beautifully the gratitude we all feel for this extraordinary global community and the power it has to change the world we live in. Let's all take a moment now to thank Ria for her inspiration and share our own photos and messages of hope on the right -- she's watching the page in real time from her home in England.

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