Rob Ford: It’s time for you to go

To Toronto Mayor Rob Ford :

As Canadians concerned about the reputation of our largest city and the example public officials must set for our citizens and our kids, we call on you to resign. Your latest, incredible scandal of being filmed smoking crack cocaine puts you beyond redemption. It is time for you to go.  
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Posted: 22 May 2013
The mayor of Toronto has become a disgrace. It’s as simple as that. He is not fit for public office and must resign -- we deserve better.

Rob Ford’s list of embarrassments goes higher than the CN Tower. And now he’s been filmed allegedly smoking crack. Seriously. For Toronto, for our country’s reputation, for every kid who looks up to public officials, let’s demand Ford resign.

We can do better. If fact, it can’t possibly get worse… unless Ford stays in power. Let’s bring the pressure on Ford to a fever pitch – sign now to demand he resign so Toronto can move on, and share this with everyone.

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