Hours left: Save Rio, Save the Planet

To Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff:

As concerned global citizens, we call on you to save the Rio summit by re-opening talks to end fossil fuel subsidies. The text that negotiators have agreed to has no commitments, timelines, or enforcement mechanisms, just an "invitation" for countries to end polluter handouts. It’s too weak to stop the nearly one trillion dollars governments give to dirty coal, oil and gas each year. We urge you to save the Earth Summit and the planet by delivering a real deal to end fossil fuel subsidies.

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Posted: 20 June 2012
Over a million people have called on world leaders to end fossil fuel subsidies at the Rio Earth Summit -- a no-brainer policy that could take one trillion tax dollars from Big Oil and reinvest it in green energy. But they’ve failed to deliver -- even with the backing of the EU, the US and most G20 countries! The talks end in hours. Now is our chance to save them and the planet’s future.

Brazil’s Dilma is hosting the summit and has the power to reopen discussions and demand a timeline for ending polluter payouts, but she is considering walking away with the weak language presented by a team of bureaucrats. We can stop her in her tracks.

Dilma has hours to emerge as a global climate hero. Sign this urgent petition now and forward to everyone -- at 500,000 signers, Avaaz will deliver it straight to Dilma’s hands and run an urgent, hard-hitting ad in the Financial Times.

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