Stand with the Maasai

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We are elders of the Maasai from Tanzania, one of Africa’s oldest tribes. The government has just announced that it plans to kick thousands of our families off our lands so that wealthy tourists can use them to shoot more lions and leopards.

President Kikwete may not care about us, but he’s shown he’ll respond to global pressure -- to all of you! Use the box on the right to send a message to the Tanzanian embassy where you live. If you all send messages, Kikwete will hear a barrage of reports that his land grab is reverberating around the world.

A personal message is best, but here are some points you can use to get started:
  • The government’s recently announced plan to evict the Maasai from their land in order to make way for royal hunters is an outrage.
  • The Maasai's unique culture and way of life must be protected. They help to define Tanzania around the world, attracting tourism, respect and goodwill.
  • I call on the Tanzanian government and President Kikwete to stop the evictions and protect Maasai lands.
  • I request that you relay my message to President Kikwete.

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