Days to save the Antarctic Ocean

To the CCAMLR Chair, Delegates and Secretariat:

As concerned citizens from around the world, we call on you to act decisively to secure the precious habitat of whales and other ocean species when you meet in Hobart, Australia. We call for an ambitious deal that establishes the world's largest network of marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean, starting with the Ross Sea and East Antarctica.
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Posted: 12 October 2012
The Antarctic Ocean is the most isolated and pristine marine habitat on Earth, a place where whales, penguins, and thousands of fish species still rule the waves. But industrial fishing fleets are poised to plunder this majestic ecosystem unless we get governments to protect it.

In days, 25 countries will meet to decide whether to create the world’s largest marine sanctuary. Most of them support the plan, but Russia, South Korea and a few others are threatening to bury the historic deal so their fishing interests can continue to make a killing. They hope to get away with it because it’s off the media’s radar, but if we strike back with a people-powered outcry when they least expect it, we can shame and isolate these ocean wreckers into submission.

The whales and penguins can’t speak for themselves, so it's up to us to defend them. Let's change negotiators' minds with a deafening wave of public pressure -- once 750,000 of us have signed, Avaaz will flood the talks with hard-hitting ads to cause a stir and convey our message to key delegates. Sign the urgent petition on the right and share widely.
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