Stay strong -- Save the Amazon

To the indigenous members of the National Congress of Bolivia who oppose the construction of the mega-highway through the TIPNIS park:

As concerned citizens across the globe, we stand with you in your struggle to protect the TIPNIS natural park from deforestation and rampant exploitation, and uphold the rights of their people. We call on you to use your voting powers to reject the current proposal to reverse the “Ley 180” that would pave the way for the construction of the devastating mega-highway across Bolivia’s Amazon.
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Posted: 30 January 2012
Right now, Bolivia's ruling party is seeking to revive the plans for a massive highway that would bring rampant exploitation and deforestation to a 2.9 million acre protected area at the heart of the Amazon -- but key indigenous MPs are fighting back and with our support they can win.

Faced with an unprecedented public outcry, President Morales signed a law last year to cancel this project and pledged to protect the TIPNIS natural park forever. But oil and coca-farming interests have launched a counter-offensive and Morales’s MPs are pushing a vote to kill the bill and open the TIPNIS up for grabs. Now our best hope is to support a group of eight brave indigenous parliamentarians who have broken ranks from the party line and can tip the vote.

Six months ago, the Avaaz community stood with thousands of indigenous marchers as they stopped the deadly highway -- today they are calling for our support again. If enough of us stand with the dissenting MPs, they will be able to stay firm and defeat the new attempts to legalize the destruction of the Bolivian Amazon. Sign the petition on the right to save the TIPNIS park and then spread the word -- leading indigenous MPs will deliver our message straight into the parliamentary debate before and during the crucial vote.

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