TPPA: Selling out NZ's democracy?

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In days the New Zealand government could sell out the people of Aotearoa behind closed doors -- if we don't stop them. If Labour unites against the TPP, we could get the voice in Parliament needed to push this out of the shadows in the next few crucial days, making it harder for Trade Negotiation Minister Groser to sell us out. Use the field on the right to write a message to Labour's leader, the Minister Groser, and the PM.

Here are some things to consider including in your message:
  • I am deeply concerned that the Government is negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement in secret, without public consultation, which undermines the very democratic principles that we all cherish.
  • Foreign corporations should not be able to sue the New Zealand government in secretive offshore tribunals for introducing progressive laws, just to protect their profit.
  • I don’t want big pharmaceutical companies to be given more powers over PHARMAC, and I don’t want the availability of affordable generic medicines to be reduced.
  • I don’t want New Zealand’s copyright laws to be re-written in a way that would restrict internet freedom, restrict access to information, and stifle innovation.

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