Stand with Fukushima Mothers

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Posted: 25 January 2012
It's outrageous! -- the Minister of the Economy has just ordered the eviction of the Fukushima mothers peacefully camping outside METI to demand a radiation-free future for their children. We have just a few hours before police move in to tear down the tents, it's up to us to stop them now!

Minister Edano is bowing to bullying from the powerful nuclear industry -- they are furious that the brave mothers’ hard efforts are working. Their struggle has captured public attention and across the country people are speaking out to end unsafe nuclear energy. But their fight for their children's lives will be crushed unless we now all support these courageous women and stop their eviction.

We have only until 7pm on Friday! Let’s flood Mr Edano's inbox with thousands of messages now, calling on him to revoke his eviction order. It's time that our politicians put people and safety before profit. Send a message to stand with the Fukushima mothers now and help end the nuclear industry’s dirty tactics -- then forward this page to everyone:

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