We won! Supreme Federal Court: Protect Ficha Limpa!

To All Justices of Brazil's Supreme Court:

As concerned citizens, we call on you to preserve the Ficha Limpa Bill by rejecting the current challenge questioning its constitutionality. Specifically, we urge to embrace the dominant legal view that candidates who have already been convicted by a trial court, and then an appeal court, should not be eligible to run for office. This is the only way to ensure that convicted criminals do not use the long process of judicial appeal to delay their cases, and render Ficha Limpa ineffective. Ficha Limpa is constitutional and the people of Brazil want to clean up politics now.

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UPDATE 9-11-2011: Amid mounting public pressure, the Supreme Federal Court has postponed its vote on Ficha Limpa's constitutionality to avoid a draw and will reconvene only after the 11th Minister is confirmed. Let's make sure our voices grow louder and louder until our hard-won anti-corruption legislation becomes a reality!

It's outrageous -- after our historic anti-corruption victory, dirty interest groups are now attempting to get Ficha Limpa thrown out by the Supreme Court. But their flawed claim can be drowned out by our call of support.

Opponents are arguing that candidates who have already been convicted by a trial court and then an appeal court, should be allowed to stand for office while they run one more desperate appeal to a higher court. It is a spurious last ditch argument, but powerful lobbies are pushing hard to try to undo Brazil's strongest anti-corruption legislation ever. Now, a growing chorus of legal experts is fighting back arguing that Ficha Limpa is perfectly legal.

The Court is closely split. If we can supercharge the legal experts message by showing massive support for the law we fought hard to win -- Supreme Court judges will hear our outcry and could vote to protect us from criminals in office. Sign the urgent petition and our voices will be delivered directly to the Supreme Court by senior lawyers from the "Movimento de Combate à Corrupção Eleitoral" and through the media.

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