Stop Brazil's Olympic destruction

To Eduardo Paes, Mayor, Rio de Janeiro:

Hosting the Olympics should be a cause for celebration, not a cause of displacement for tens of thousands of Rio's residents. We call upon you to cease forced evictions in Rio until strong safeguards are put in place to offer adequate alternative housing, and to provide real and fair consultation and notice to those whose homes are affected by Olympic and World Cup infrastructure projects.
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Posted: 15 August  2012
As the Olympics end in London, they are wreaking havoc in Brazil -- right now, thousands of Rio's residents are waking up to red spray paint on their front doors, and weeks later, finding their houses destroyed in the name of Olympic spectacle.

The evictions frequently come with little notice, without consultation and sometimes in the middle of the night. Whole communities, mostly of poor residents, face elimination to make room for stadiums and luxury hotels. But the mayor of Rio is desperate for the local protests to avoid staining his image abroad, and we can get the story out!

Let's bring the controversy out of the darkness and focus the global spotlight on Rio's destruction. Call on the Mayor to end the brutal evictions - sign the petition now.

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