Stop child execution!

British Foreign Secretary William Hague:

We call on Britain to use its influence to make sure Yemen respects international and domestic law to immediately cease executing minors. Yemen should try people under 18 in juvenile courts and ensure that all claims of torture are investigated.
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Posted: 5 March 2013
Right now, 200 youngsters are locked in a cramped jail, 40 to a cell, waiting to hear whether their government will execute them. But we have a rare moment to end this child killing when Yemeni ministers meet with Western governments for a major London summit. 

This scandal has just been exposed and Yemeni officials are saying if it explodes they will be forced to act. Let's build a massive public outcry and force the British foreign secretary William Hague -- who is hosting the summit and pumping huge amounts of aid money into Yemen -- to demand juvenile offenders get off death row for good. 

This is our chance to stop these barbaric and illegal executions.
If 50,000 join before the meeting we will deliver the petition to the Yemeni and British foreign ministers in London. Click here to sign and send this to everyone to end the execution of Yemen's young.

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