Stop Japan's Next Nuclear Disaster!

To UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon:

As global citizens, we call on you to urgently send an independent team of international experts to assess the dangerous situation at Fukushima Daiichi reactor #4 and recommend clear steps to prevent disaster. A pool of deadly radioactive cesium still sits exposed -- risking a human nuclear catastrophe 10 times as bad as Chernobyl. The Japanese government is not responding. It's time for urgent international action.
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Posted: 16 May 2012
The crumbling Fukushima nuclear site is not safe, and without urgent attention it could spark an unprecedented nuclear disaster. Experts are now saying international intervention is critical and we can help get it.

A pool of highly dangerous spent nuclear fuel is being held in reactor 4’s crumbling structure. Experts say a tremor could cause the pool to collapse and emit such high radiation that 35 million people in Tokyo would be forced to evacuate and contamination could reach across the Pacific and into Asia. This area is vulnerable to regular seismic shocks, but, amazingly the Japanese government is denying the risks -- hoping for the best and likely desperate not to cause panic.

Global nuclear experts, a US Senator and tens of thousands of people across Japan are calling for the UN to intervene. Now, it’s up to us to ramp up the volume and get action. Last year, we saw the immeasurable human tragedy caused by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster -- let’s help now before there is another lethal accident that would dwarf that and extend way beyond Japan. Click below to sign the petition and forward this to everyone.

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