NYC this weekend: a chance to unwind the war on drugs

To my friends and neighbors:

To learn more about the current state of our criminal justice system, I commit to seeing The House I Live In, a new documentary about the War on Drugs.
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Posted: 5 October 2012
The United States imprisons more of its own citizens than any country in the world -- at any point in human history! This weekend, those of us in New York City can take a small step towards helping awaken our nation to this problem.

Today, an award-winning film about the War on Drugs called The House I Live In is opening in New York. If it’s successful, it could galvanize a movement to end that failed war the same way An Inconvenient Truth launched a movement to fight climate change. Few were familiar with global warming before Al Gore’s documentary, but its success radically changed the debate. The House I Live In could do the same for the War on Drugs, but only if it has a big enough opening weekend to generate attention.

The film opens at the Angelika and Lincoln Plaza theaters this weekend. Let’s all go see it and give it a big Avaaz opening to launch a movement to end the War on Drugs. Sign the pledge to see it and share with others.

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