The Plan to kill Orangutans

To President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia, and Governor Zaini Abdullah, Aceh Province:

As concerned citizens we urge you to reject the plan to cut down the rainforest in Aceh, and ensure instead the local community has a voice in planning that prioritises sustainable development, and that protects this fragile ecosystem and the animals that live there. Indonesia’s majestic forests are a global treasure, and we also call on you to immediately extend and strengthen the logging moratorium that expires in May to protect the rain forests.
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Posted: 6 May 2013
I live and work in the last place on Earth where endangered orangutans, rhinos, elephants, and tigers still roam together -- but it'll be bulldozed to bits unless we give our President a massive global wake up call to step in right now and save this unique habitat.

A logging ban here in Indonesia has been a life insurance policy for our critically endangered species. But it's about to expire, and now an area the size of a small country could be turned over to mining and palm oil companies who've been lobbying behind the scenes to trash this forest for a quick profit! If the Avaaz community lets the President know his global reputation, and hoped for future career at the UN, are at stake, we can get him to extend the ban and silence the chainsaws.

We need to act fast -- the Forestry Ministry wants to approve this disaster, but the President cares about his conservationist image, and can block this orangutan-killing plan and renew the nationwide logging ban. Sign the urgent petition and tell everyone about this mortal threat to our majestic forest. if a million sign in the next 3 days, we'll get major media in Indonesia to cover this, and I'll make sure the President hears us loud and clear!

- Rudi Putra, Indonesia. 2013 winner of Future for Nature award.

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