Stop the secret plot against Internet freedom

To President Obama and all leaders at the TPP meeting:

As citizens from across the world, we urge you to keep the Internet free and open by rejecting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would hand over our rights to corporations. We call on you to stand up to lobbyists’ pressure and defend the principles of Internet freedom and corporate accountability.
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Posted: 3 July 2012
This week, corporate lobbyists are cutting backroom deals with high-level officials from different governments to write into law some of the worst Internet censorship threats that we thought we had stopped with ACTA, SOPA and PIPA. But we can end the looming menace, if we act now.

Negotiated completely in secret, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a proposed trade agreement that could make it a crime to post or even watch a copyrighted video, handing corporations enormous powers to remove entire websites, police our private data, and even cut individual users off from the Internet!

Experts say that if the US backs away from the agreement, it will die. Earlier this year, we helped persuade Obama to reject Internet clampdowns in the SOPA bill, and now a massive groundswell of opposition can do it again and stop the backdoor sale of our Internet to corporations. Sign the urgent petition, and when we reach 500,000 our call will be delivered to the TPP meeting in San Diego.

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