President Obama: Time to Talk About Gun Control

To President Obama:

Americans have had enough. In the wake of the horrific tragedy in Connecticut -- and all the ones that came before it -- we call on you to announce a high-profile national task force to address gun violence and gun legislation reform. It's time to addess this issue head on -- don't shy away from it just because it is politically sensitive. We know you are capable of historic leadership in times of hardship, and we ask that you show that leadership today. 
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Posted: 14 December 2012
Columbine. Virginia Tech. Colorado. Today, 27 people dead in a school in Connecticut -- 18 of them children.  We sit, all across the country, in shock and horror. How could this happen? There are no satisfying answers. But we can rise to this moment together if we act right now.

Connecticut has some of the country's strictest gun laws, and yet you don't even need a permit to walk into a gun store and buy a rifle. But outrageously, President Obama's spokesperson just said that "today is not the day to talk about gun laws". WHAT??!

This is unacceptable. If we raise a massive call right now to President Obama, he can't ignore us. Sign the petition asking the President to announce a national task force on gun control to start a real conversation about the state of our gun laws -- and if we reach 50,000 signatures Avaaz will deliver it to the White House and every reporter on the White House press corps.
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