Tell Harper: don't block climate talks!

Tell Harper: don't block climate talks!

There are only months left to build a strong global climate treaty -- but Prime Minister Harper is putting its future in doubt.

The G8, meeting in Rome this week, is weighing a pledge to limit global warming below 2 degrees centigrade, the level at which scientists say a deadly climate chain reaction becomes dangerously likely. Now, Canada is leading an effort to veto the 2-degree limit -- and an immediate national outcry is needed to rescue it.

Add your name to the petition, and Avaaz will deliver it with stunts and meetings in Rome this Wednesday and Thursday!

Petition to G8 and world leaders:
We call on our leaders to go to Copenhagen and sign a global climate treaty that is:

AMBITIOUS: enough to leave a planet safe for us all.

FAIR: for the poorest countries that did not cause climate change but are suffering most from it.

BINDING: with real targets that can be legally monitored and enforced.

Start now. Prime Minister Harper and other leaders gathered in Italy--agree to a 2-degree target!

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Avaaz has joined the TckTckTck campaign, a global alliance working for a strong treaty in Copenhagen. Learn more here!

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