Hours to tame the banks


As concerned citizens we call on you to cap bankers’ bonuses across the EU to no more than the amount of their fixed salary. This is a crucial part of preventing bankers taking excessive risks which can destabilise their institutions and our entire economies. We count on you to take this step to tame the banking giants.
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Posted: 17 February 2013
The banks crashed our economies, causing a wave of unemployment, evictions and cuts, but bankers are still raking in massive pay cheques. We have a chance to end this madness in 24 hours, but the British government stands in our way.

Bankers run outrageous risks, driven by the lure of big bonuses. EU plans to stop bankers getting bonuses higher than their salaries are now being ambushed by George Osborne. Public pressure now can push our finance ministers to take a stand against the bankers’ greed that caused the crash in the first place!

We have 24 hours -- the bankers’ lobby is massive, but our politicians know they can’t get re-elected if they favour friends in high finance while our jobs and services disappear. Sign the petition to George Osborne and other EU finance ministers now -- which we’ll deliver to Osborne's door and via the media on the day of the talks -- and share it with all your friends across the UK!

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