Ban child marriage now

To the "Friends of Yemen" donor group of countries:

As global citizens concerned about the thousands of Yemeni girls who are forced into child marriage, abused and deprived of an education, we call on you to use your influence on the Yemeni government to set 18 as the minimum age for marriage. The recent death of an 8-year old girl from internal injuries suffered during her wedding night should be a wake-up call to act now to make sure no other girls suffer a similar fate. Yemen can act as a model for other countries and help end the scourge of child marriage everywhere.
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An 8 year-old girl, Rawan, just died after being raped by the forty year-old man she was forced to marry. In Yemen, it is legal for a grown man to marry a child of any age. But in days, we can outlaw child marriage in Yemen.

There is growing outrage in Yemen over child marriage. A few years back, the parliament voted to lift the minimum marriage age to 17, but clever political maneuvering by a conservative minority blocked the law. Now we have a fresh opening -- Yemen is drafting a new constitution that could include a ban. And they are doing it days before a major international donor conference.

This is the moment that can change everything for millions of little girls – Click the link to demand that donors use their influence to get Yemen to end child marriage. Once we reach 500,000, Avaaz will partner with champions in Yemen to deliver our message directly at the conference. Sign now.

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