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stop distgusting discrimination of blind people on couchsurfing

Diese Petition wartet auf Genehmigung durch die Avaaz-Gemeinschaft
stop distgusting discrimination of blind people on couchsurfing


Weshalb dies wichtig ist

Everybody who has a friend or family member who is handicapped knows what I am talking about. People with disabilities are in everydays life permanently prevented to participate in normal life, even if they try already very hard not to be a burden to the others. There are always excuses why they can not participate in the activities of the group of the "healthy" people. But the organization CouchSurfing - which turns out to be an organization that is now only interested in profit, that is loosing every day its former values and spirit - went now clearly too far: my blind friend's profile has been deleted because he is blind. It was pointed out that it is not allowed by the rules of CouchSurfing that another person creates a profile for someone else. CouchSurfing knew about the blindness of my friend - but still used this excuse to kick him out - because he is blind. If you want to read more, you find the report of my blind friend on our website http://the-truth-about-couchsurfing.ibk.me/ or in the forum on BeWelcome against CouchSurfing http://www.bewelcome.org/forums/s6964?sidTB = nPMddgsP1, RNJEb8Agt1E-tTNE2.

Gepostet Juni 19, 2013
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