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Abolish The Driver CPC

Abolish The Driver CPC

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This petition has been created by Tim H. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Tim H.
started this petition to
Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Transport
It is important that any training is put in place according to an identified need and that any training solution which ensues is designed to address identified shortcomings, resulting in a change of behaviour. The Driver CPC is not this.

Our government argeed to implement the Driver CPC: a European inspired qualification mandatory for Truck and Bus drivers based on attendance on classroom training every year held by independent companies. There was no Training Needs Analysis done, so training courses are able to contain a variety of subjects drawn from a broad spectrum which have been assumed to be useful. Perhaps some are but there are some things which could be considiered irrelevant to some drivers, just as there others which could be included as vital for others which are 'not allowed'. Airport security courses are one of the exclusions (even though it is a mandatory qualification for air freight carriers) whereas we are already seeing a plethora of drivers qualified (unnecessarily) to carry dangerous goods.

Many drivers are self-employed and are being asked not only to give up pay but have to pay £100 or more to attend each day's course which seem mostly to be teaching grandmothers to suck eggs. Anyone who spends all day climbing in and out of a truck does not need a trainer to remind them not to fall out, any more than existing drivers need to be told about tachograph rules. Without that knowledge, employers who analyse tachograph records properly would soon jump on them. Not taking care of your own safety has obvious implications.

If the CPC is an attempt to stop high profile hysteria about left-turning HGV drivers killing cyclists, it doesn't take a course to do that ("check your mirrors before turning") nor need an annual reminder, nor improve cyclists awareness of not putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Cyclists should know never get between any vehicle and a railing. Neither may see them and/or be able to get out of the way.

Wages of drivers have not changed since the last century: this is a shambolic, expensive solution 'taxing' many drivers (and haulage firms) £hundreds a year to provide an inadequate solution to an imagined problem and it should be withdrawn immediately.

For one, I neither need half-baked training, nor can afford it. This will deter people joining or remaining in the driving profession at a time when there is a shortage of good drivers. Please sign this petition.