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This petition is closed
Help Fukushima Nucler Disaster Victims

Help Fukushima Nucler Disaster Victims

This petition is closed
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Hiromi S.
started this petition to
Government of Japan and TEPCO

Please sign the petition and give us your international support!

The Fukushima nuclear disaster leaked huge amounts of radioactive materials into the air, soil, and ocean, leaving people exposed to high levels of radiation. The radiation leakage into the ocean continues with no end in sight.

There has been an outbreak of thyroid cancer in children in Fukushima as well as an increase in many other diseases. However, the Japanese government and TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Plant) have failed to admit the direct cause-and-effect relationship between radiation and health/disease and have not provide any medical security for people who have been exposed to radiation.

Tens of millions of people are still living in areas where the dose rate is higher than 1 millisievert per year. The government has stopped financial compensation to evacuees facing hardships; therefore, people who cannot afford to live in non-contaminated areas have no choice but to return to live dangerously polluted environments.

The Japanese government and TEPCO must take full responsibility for the Fukushima nuclear crisis and help people who have been exposed to radiation.

We therefore ask our friends around the world to sign this petition and support us to get through this nuclear disaster.