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This petition is closed
Help Phoenix of Natron Rise!

Help Phoenix of Natron Rise!

This petition is closed
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Tanuja C.
started this petition to
John Magufuli, President of Tanzania,
Charles John Mwijage, Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Tanzania
For ages, Lake Natron has been providing the ideal breeding conditions for Lesser Flamingos (Phoenicopterus Minor) found in few other soda lakes in Africa and around the world.

Since 2006 the breeding site for the pink birds has been threatened by a proposal to construct a $500 million soda ash processing plant. If government carries on with the plans, it would significantly change its hydrology and chemical composition rendering it unsuitable for Lesser Flamingos.

Six foreign firms have placed bids to set up a controversial soda ash plant on the shores of Tanzania’s Lake Natron. Experts have another story to tell.. predicting a loss between $44.3 million to $492.1 million if plans for mining aren't dropped. A recent economic study shows that soda ash mining is not economically viable while, tourism and livelihoods development, are better options.

According to many environmentalists, construction of the soda-ash factory near the lake will affect the habitat of the lesser flamingos and other, rare flora and fauna.

The breeding activity is further evidence of the importance of Lake Natron for the survival of Lesser Flamingo as a species.. Help the Lesser Flamingos thrive by standing up against the plans to turn their home ground into a soda ash extraction hub!