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This petition is closed
EU: Cannabis Decriminalization - Liberation of the Mother Earth

EU: Cannabis Decriminalization - Liberation of the Mother Earth

This petition is closed
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Niina S.
started this petition to
European Parliament


1. People have the right to use and search nature freely, it’s our Source and a library, and it really has many gifts for all living beings. It is our right to use it as we are born. It is Our nature. Society cannot take away something from us that we are born with.

Plant & Cultural Studies is not only for the people of the Universities and highly qualified researchers. It is of interest of many other people too.

2. Give everyone a right to feel being safe and peace, at home. Not fearing that police would come to your home breaking your privacy. Messing up your home and personal intimacy. Drug use is not an excuse to give priviledge to someone to break personal freedom! It’s against human rights.

3. Many people get paranoidical just becouse they are so afraid of the police and other people knowing. This is stigmatizing people.

4. We want to improve Mental health and support real knowledge that would reduce all suffering among people. Real knowledge is the key of understanding our health. Our physical health but also our mental health.

5. Give people freedom of mind and soul. Freedom to express ourselves the way we think is right and moral. We create the laws. Our inner and society’s.

6. The more punishments the more Suffering. As long as there are punishments, the more there will be shame, guilt, fear, rage, hate and loneliness.

7. What about the newage shamans, healers, artists, researchers, anthropologists, mother earth lovers, biology researchers, psychedelic researchers? Do they have a right to walk their own path, or all the other people who are enjoying their life to the full?

8. Globalization has already mixed our cultures so there are living people from various different cultures in same places. Some people are born with the idea that Nature is sacred with all its gifts.

9. Allow people to find Truth themselves, the truth that cannot be learned from books, from other teachers. This is our heartvoice, our own inner teacher of this life which tells us which is right and which is wrong. It's our empathy.

To help remembering Oneness. We are one.


This is the time to clean our Mother Earth's Karma. We are here together, so Please Take Action Now.

The time is only when the People say "time is NOW!". Freedom doesn’t mean that we will do more crimes? Freedom gives opportunity to feel joy and be loved. It's persons own choice whether not to use or not cannabis in their life, in their own body, law cannot make different priviledges for different people to allow it to someone but someone else is punished for using it.


Historical plants have been used for curing diseases and anxiety, helping ourselves to research our souls and know our psyches levels and to relief pain. Cannabis and other so called 'sacred plants' are being used world widely in many various cultures. There are many people waking up to these old values (example in shamanism. They are the reasearchers of Mind and Body.


Depression is a bad side effect of difficult values in our history and world today, people are sick and paranoid becouse they cannot express themselves freely or do not know yet how to find inner peace in a world where they have to hide and defend, where their own cultural values have been underestimated.

People listen rather faceless judgements. The society sees only the bad side becouse there is no space for giving good image to such thing that "could be dangerous". People rather believe their own beliefsystem, never even seen or even tasted cannabis. But there are people willing to see further.

For many people, Cannabis is kind of a tool or a path to our inner psyche. People may get confused when their inner hidden messages and wrong thoughtpatterns come to the surface to be dealed and cleaned. Only with a true understanding the nature of a mind is way of curing ourselves. Everyone has wrong thoughtpatterns, but we have to face those and then keep on moving forward. Cannabis gives people the opportunity to seek further, behind the symbolism and archetypes of our mind.


I'm a Truthseeker, interested in shamanism and ways of healing our mind and body. I'm an artist, I'm a human, and I'm a child of this Nature we are forgetting and finding again. Working with plants is important to me.

“This decriminalization doesn’t mean you have to try cannabis and use it, no, this message is about that there are many people who try to live their life with others that don’t respect them and this kind of different thinking! Wake up from your illusion already! Let other people live their life their way. “

This petition will be delivered to European Parliament - Committee on the petitions.

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