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Malaysia and Indonesia: Open Borders for Rohingya and Syrian refugees

Malaysia and Indonesia: Open Borders for Rohingya and Syrian refugees

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This petition has been created by jenn Z. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
jenn Z.
started this petition to
Dato' Sri Mohammad Najib Abdul Razak, Dato' Hajji Muhyiddin Yassin,Dato' Rohani Abdul Karim,,Dato' Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi,
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

We plead the Governments of Malaysia and Indonesia to open its borders to provide shelter and reprieve to Rohingya and Syrians .The refugees include innocent children and those who have no interest in politics.

The governments can benefit from the Rohingyas and Syrians because they are extremely good at business.Jawed Karim, whose father is a Bangladeshi, and Steve Job, whose father is a Syrian, are among those who has helped American economy.Unlike foreign workers, refugees often bring their families with them thus employing them means reducing billions of dollars from flowing out of the countries.

Syrians could teach Arabic as a medium of instructions in nurseries, schools and colleges for subjects such as Arts and Science. This could save the governments millions of dollars instead of sending thousands of students to countries such as Egypt every year to study Arabic. Terry Moore,executive director at the Radius Foundation said that learning Arabic language is similar to crafting a mathematical equation and perhaps this is why everything we know as science, engineering, and mathematics has its derivations in the Arabic language system, most notably, algebra.

We make this appeal inspired by Malaysian and Indonesian history since independence which has always granted sanctuary to refugees and immigrants.
By denying access and protection to the vulnerable Rohingyas and Syrians, we not only put lives in grave danger but also risks missing an opportunity to demonstrate that we are a caring nation that is sensitive to human rights violations.