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This petition is closed
Prevent the LOSS of recreational land usage in Southern Alberta

Prevent the LOSS of recreational land usage in Southern Alberta

This petition is closed
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Keith R.
started this petition to
Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resources, Diana McQueen, Edmonton AB
The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP) is trying to implement a major land use restriction to Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) usage as well as random camping in Southern AB. It will affect every aspect of outdoor recreation, eg. Quading, Biking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing ect.... This plan has been been in the works for over 2 years and has already had 2 phases passed without the general public's knowledge. The 3rd and final phase is scheduled for May 2013. This plan if taken into effect, will give us .5% of the land that we use today. We need to be heard and voice our side of this to help create a balance for our social environment and NOT let the environmentalists have the only voice in this matter. More information on Alberta's regional plan( In association with the SSRP) can be seen on