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This petition is closed
Save Nairobi National Park

Save Nairobi National Park

This petition is closed
17,020 have signed. Let's get to  20,000
17,020 Supporters

Mike M.
started this petition to
Geoffrey Wahungu, Director General, National Environment Management Authority
Stop the Southern Bypass from encroaching on Nairobi National Park!

The Kenyan government has just approved the construction of a road that slices through the unique Nairobi National Park. But massive public opposition can give the new head of the Environment Authority the backing he needs to stop this outrageous decision.  

Nairobi National Park is an international gem -- home to over 100 species of mammals and a sanctuary for the endangered black rhino. But the government's plans to build a giant bypass through it would set a dangerous precedent, putting all national parks at risk of development. Kenyan biologist Paula Kahumbu is taking the government to court to try and stop the road, but despite the pressure, they are still pushing the Environment Authority to approve this park-killing plan.  

If we now add a wave of public opposition, we can strengthen the hand of Environment Authority head Geoffrey Wahungu to defy the government and end the highway plan. Sign the petition now to call on Wahungu to save Nairobi National Park! When we reach 50,000 signatures, we’ll deliver the petition directly to Wahungu and the Kenyan government.

We ask that necessary measures are undertaken to ensure that the construction of the Southern Bypass is compliant with Kenyan laws and does not encroach into the Nairobi Park.