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This petition is closed
Dangerous Toxic Fumes poisoning Airline Crews and Passengers

Dangerous Toxic Fumes poisoning Airline Crews and Passengers

This petition is closed
6,594 have signed. Let's get to  7,000
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Bearnairdine B.
started this petition to
European Union Council President HermanVan Rompuy
Flight enterprises influence the life of human beings in the whole world: they do create job opportunities but they also cause substantial harm to the health of the people working for them and those who are their customers as well as to the environment. Unbeknown to most people highly toxic compounds in the engine oils enter via bleed-air the cabin breathing air, contaminating it with i.e.the highly toxic ToCP ( tricresyl -o- phosphate) and a cocktail of other chemicals including the desinsecting sprays used before landing in certain countries - these contain pesticides similar to those used on crop! These are dangerous neurotoxic agents which cause severe brain and other health damage through inhalation and skin contact. Many professional aviators, frequent fliers and families I know have been sick and are struggling with AEROTOXIC SYNDROME symptoms for years, unable to work, unfit to fly, although they want to, have no support, no benefits, some even have no medical aid - many die from "unknown causes" ! This can hit you anytime, you just need one exposure (smell/ fume event); or if you have been exposed to it for years of professional flying you can become chronically and severely sick ! Your voice counts! Demand together with us that worldwide resident airlines must grant passengers and crew higher priority than that of their profits. Help us to present the European Council and Governments across the planet with more than 7,000 signatures.
Please sign and share ! Thank you ! You can find more information by joining us on the Facebook page AEROTOXIC ASSOCIATION or visit these websites,, and and others.