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The Government of Israel: Abandon your Plan for a Jewish State in favor of a pluralistic society

The Government of Israel: Abandon your Plan for a Jewish State in favor of a pluralistic society

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This petition has been created by Philip J. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Philip J.
started this petition to
The Government of Israel
You and I are individuals but collectively we count. As in any conflict individuals need to communicate with an adversary in order to declare the problem and their view of the solution before acting further to compel a response. Signing this petition means that you care and that you want the present leaders of Israel to know it.
The Palestinian people are a fact in Israel's existence. The Palestinians cannot be ignored or expelled from Israel without suffering of genocidal proportions. Many countries in the world have successfully established tolerant multi-cultural societies which respect the human rights of all citizens. It is time for Israel's leaders to lay aside their dream of a pure Jewish state and face the reality that they have been planted among their Arab (Semite) step-brothers who are also descendants of Abraham.
Their responding in a positive manner to this petition is important to all nations, for dealing justly with the brothers they see everyday is the first step in demonstrating a willingness to establish peaceful coexistence with all Arab nations.
Finally the peoples of the world are becoming more and more aware of the problem every day. The state of Israel has a distinct opportunity to demonstrate good will to all mankind, or conversely to continue its present policies which
may lead us all to a tragic Armageddon.