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    Tips and Guidelines for the call:

    1. Use the "call-in widget" above to find the number of your leader.
    2. Call the number and be calm and respectful
    3. State that:
    • You urge your leader to make immediate statements and take immediate steps to oppose a crackdown and clearly support the Egyptian peoples demands for an end to the internet blackout, a new government and full respect for their human rights. The time for nuanced message has passed.
    • The courageous and inspiring people of Egypt deserve our full support now.
    • The citizens of the world are standing with the people for democracy, but all governments that espouse a foreign policy of democracy and human rights need to stand firmly now on the side of the people of Egypt.
    You don't need to follow these talking points exactly and your personal message will make it more powerful.

    If you don't get through, it probably means we're jamming their lines -- a good sign! KEEP CALLING!

    After your call post a comment on the right to report on how it went.