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    Posted: 27 December 2011
    It's outrageous -- last night, Lok Sabha disregarded the public outcry and passed a toothless Lokpal bill. Today it's Rajya Sabha's turn to vote, and our massive pressure now is the only chance to right Lok Sabha's wrong by passing a robust, amended bill.

    Anti-corruption campaigners are outraged by MPs' thoughtless betrayal -- but we still have a real fighting chance to pass a strong Lokpal. Unlike Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha has true champions for the bill who can introduce crucial amendments to ensure its independence and breadth. Now it's up to us to give these champions the public backing they need to push through these amendments and stand up to powerful blockers.

    We have no time to lose -- the session begins in a few hours. Make an urgent call now to major MPs and party leaders!

    Here are the numbers to call:

    1) Manmohan Singh, Congress - +911123018939

    2) A.K.Antony, Congress - +919868181181

    3) Arun Jaitley, BJP - +911129248212

    4) S.S.Ahluwalia, BJP - +919868181816

    5) Sitaram Yechury, CPI(M) - +919868181162

    6) D. Raja, CPI - +919868181991

    7) Shri Baishnab Parida, BJD - +919013181413

    8) Tariq Anwar, NCP - +919868181771

    You can use the talking points below:

    - The Jan Lokpal Bill is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stamp out corruption from this country.

    - Representatives should introduce amendments that support the following key demands:
    • Lokpal has the power to start its own investigations;
    • Lokpal has jurisdiction over the lower bureaucracy;
    • Either Lokpal should have its own investigative agency or CBI should come under Lokpal's control;
    • Selection of Lokpal should be through the consensus of the selection panel.
    - History will remember India’s politicians for the choices they make today.

    Remember to be polite -- we'll be more convincing if we are reasonable and courteous. If you don't get through, it probably means we're jamming their lines -- a good sign! Keep calling if you can. Remember, most government offices work from 9am - 5pm. If you miss office hours please try again tomorrow.

    After your call, use the live chat on the right to post a message about how the call went and share your experience with others across the country.

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