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Abandoned in Afghanistan

Abandoned in Afghanistan


Why this is important

I served in the RAF for 25 years and right now some of my brave comrades who’ve risked everything for Britain are in mortal danger. Unless we act right away, our government could abandon them to a terrifying fate.

In Afghanistan, our job would have been impossible without our local interpreters. They stood shoulder to shoulder with us in the line of fire, and sadly some were killed, just like many British soldiers. Now that UK troops are leaving, their lives are becoming even riskier -- many of these loyal helpers are living in fear after death threats from the Taliban. The UK stepped in to save interpreters after the Iraq war. Together we can convince the government to protect our allies in Afghanistan too.

Britain is the only Nato country that has not yet offered asylum to Afghan interpreters. Every day the government delays, their lives are in danger. Sign now to call on Foreign Secretary William Hague to do the right thing before it’s too late.

Posted March 12, 2013
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