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Acknowledge Bradley Manning as a "Political Prisoner"

Acknowledge Bradley Manning as a "Political Prisoner"


Why this is important

It is very important that the two biggest human rights organizations acknowledge Bradley Manning as a "Political Prisoner" and/or "Prisoner of Conscience" before his trial begins on June 2, 2013.

If his actions can be misconstrued as "aiding the enemy" by the law, despite his providing the information to the public at large via "non-enemy" news sources, this sets the precedent of criminalizing of all future whistleblowers.

"Bradley Manning is the most famous political prisoner the United States has. He has been detained without trial for over 1,000 days. Not even the US government denies his alleged acts were political." – Julian Assange

Whistleblowers like PFC Manning need to be protected so that others like him can feel free to come forward.

Increased transparency is essential to increase democracy worldwide. Bradley Manning did this with his action. Please sign this petition.

Posted May 6, 2013
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