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No More War!

This petition is awaiting approval by the Avaaz Community
No More War!


Why this is important

Dear Presidents, Prime Ministers, Queens, Kings, Sultans, Sheikhs, Princes, Princesses, Corporate Leaders, Republicans, Democrats, Bankers, Lawmakers, and anyone else who decides the way us everyday folk live our lives, this petition is for you!

We are concerned!

We of this tech hungry, social media crazed, peace longing, equality loving, surveillance hating, entrepreneurial group of free spirited citizens of this here planet Earth, ARE CONCERNED!

We don't want war!

In fact, we emphatically loathe it and from what we see, we are on the verge of being dragged into it without our will or consent, without any desire or commonality. We are as a global community being assaulted from the threat and fear that your wars instill in our souls. We don't want it, WE ARE CONCERNED!

At every turn, at every peril we have faced - your citizens - the everyday people of the world - have had the solutions to solve our global problems. But you never listen!

Our planet is heating up. Enough to make us (including you) mortal inhabitants disappear! Think about that. We'll all be extinct! Yet still you pursue your profit based ways and ignore the calls and solutions for change that so many scientists have put forth.

Our economies have been dragged through the dirt of deceit and distrust and hard working citizens have lost their lives because of a corrupt system that YOU allowed to be put in place. Still the thievery at the top thrives while good and decent families lose their homes and hopes for a better future!

Instead of nurturing our children with education, hope and love, we imprison them with extreme religious ideology from within, and giant prison walls from without. What will that child grow to become?


Peace is what we want! What we strive for! What we demand! Our days of war MUST end! For whatever you believe or think about us in the grand picture of your minds, however small and irrelevant we may be in your decision making, hear us with this:

War will bring death. Death will bring anguish. Anguish will bring hate. Hate will bring revenge. Revenge will bring weapons. Weapons will bring war. And the cycle continues.

We have moved on from this path. Us, the everyday people of the world. We have given up on this horrific cycle and we ask you to do the same. Join us in the 21st century to at least know that no matter how grave the problems we face are, war will undeniably make our problems worse!

We call out to you wherever you are fellow humanity and let's create the biggest anti war stand in history!

Sign the petition...Spread the call...NO MORE WAR!


Blurred Vision

Posted August 20, 2014
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