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Bring Google Fiber to Canada!

Bring Google Fiber to Canada!


Why this is important

There is not much choice for internet in Canada—most Canadians can only pick between one or two ISPs who offer expensive usage-based internet service plans. The high cost and low quality of Canada's internet is largely caused by the lack of competition. Introducing Google Fiber into the Canadian broadband marketplace would give Canadians more choice and force Canadian ISPs to work competitively.

100 signers reached at 12-07-28 4:10PM EST

250 signers reached at 12-07-28 5:00PM EST

700 signers reached at 12-07-28 7:15PM EST

1500 signers reached at 12-07-28 10:40PM EST

2500 signers reached at 12-07-29 10:55AM EST

3000 signers reached at 12-07-30 3:25PM EST

Posted July 27, 2012
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