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Build Siphon Pipeline from Ocean to Lake Eyre

Build Siphon Pipeline from Ocean to Lake Eyre


Why this is important

Because by simply SIPHONING Ocean Water into the 16 meter below sea level salt hole that is Lake Eyre in Central Australia, the VAST Expanse of Beach Level Sand AROUND it will become wetter from capillary action from the refilled lake, will increase existing vegetation that thrives on even a drop of water yet survives in saltier than ocean conditions already, and the increased evaporation from sand and transpiration from vegetation will cause not only more rain to actually form over the area, but will also, like a "coolgardie safe", cool the area via evaporative cooling, thus breaking the heat pressure "chimney" that currently prevents ocean and coastally seeded rain clouds from travelling inland to drop their condensation, ie, near instant boost to existing flora&fauna,plus potential for Boomtowns based on aquaculture,agriculture, bamboo,hemp,mangrove swamp in very short space of time etc. Existing dry river systems leading into the lake from surrounds will become irrigation tributeries leading out from the constantly refilling lake, also, ocean water leaching out from lake and rivers becomes fresher as it filters through the surrounding sand, in the same way that fresh water can be found by digging shallow holes on the inland side of coastal dunes, a "win-win-WIN" situation, also, by simply building paddock sized "solarharts" and giant carbon fiber solar "BBQz" (and hydro electric directly from the fall of water from siphon mouth) in desert around lake, steam can be produced to power generators made from modern lightweight materials to produce electricity, "eifel tower" carbon fibre wind turbine structures can also add to power-grid, and also hold line-of-sight laser communication infrastructure for SUPER super fast broadband etc.try find a flaw, i've tried for decades to find a flaw, have fun. ps, here are a few maps and aerial zooms to show more clearly the areas in question and their heights relative to ocean level. (avaaz doesn't allow hyperlinks apparently, so copy&paste each link beginning with http:// into your browser search bar to check each map )

Google Maps,Lake+Eyre&gl=au&ei=aSCWT8HqJ4LrrQek3fDwDQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CEkQ8gEwAA



hi, billy reid here, i'm currently trying to raise interest in some techniques i've formulated for long-term solutions for such global problems as mass starvation, drought, &flooding amongst others (feel most free to utilize/adapt locally any there that may be of use in your particular landscape/climate, the more active & well nourished Minds working at once on this Planet, the better the long-term survival chances of our Species is :) , you can utilize this particular fix in any desert, salt lake or dried lake areas, ie, drilling holes in grid to below sea-level (or meter or few below local or neighboring countries "donor" water body's surface level depths, as all a siphon needs is to be full of liquid & to be lower at outlet end than at reservoir end, no pumps required except to "prime" siphon by filling it initially), then running pipelines into them so that inland end is in hole to below sea level, then run other end to either ocean or any large body of permanent water and fill pipelines with water to prime the siphon action, then just wait for the ocean water to build up in depths & begin to sweat up via capillary action and evaporation to become fresher water from filtering through sand on way up, thus boosting vegetation growth, increasing transpiration, and, via evaporative cooling from surface evaporation, allowing the formation of more locally formed rain-clouds and the ocean formed rain to reach further inland, also allowing for the formation of natural low level hollows (including any formed by subsidence caused BY the water added through the siphons as it wets the deeper soil and settles it whilst that water is rising TO sea level itself) to fill with fresh water on surface as lakes/ponds/marshlands, initial expense (which is basically just materials/labour/drilling rigs, all of which are massively off-set & out-weighed by long-term (and even quite immediate) benefits there-of, hoping this is of some use, hopefully we can avoid damned bureaucrats and "grass-roots" the project, ps, in some areas it may even be possible to simply dig channels from ocean to below sea-level inland areas, if that method is used though, be careful to line such channels with stones etc, at least until trees and vegetation have chance to establish root growth along banks to stabilize earth, otherwise you may find you get erosion problems (although trees etc. will eventually stabilize such in their own time, especially if assisted by Humans planting and protecting them until they are grown :) feel most welcome to Share these ideas, this Planet has been looted by colonial thieves for way too long in my opinion, Sharing is the ONLY way forward for Humans. :)

Posted April 23, 2012
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