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Criminalize weaponized drone aircraft and vehicles

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Criminalize weaponized drone aircraft and vehicles


Why this is important

Remote drone aircraft and vehicles by their nature remove the stigma of unleashing leathal weapons on human beings when the human committing the targeting is not present to witness the violent result of their committing "instutionally sanctioned" murder.

As you may know, I am very much anti-war having been a war photographer myself and having witnessed first hand the destruction, waste of humanity, and bottomless grief this spreading human disease is causing throughout the world. As the world modernizes, weapons evolve to become "weapons of mass destruction." It makes sense to outlaw these types of weapons (as a FIRST step) in any effort to contain and eliminate modern warfare. Atomic, nuclear weapons, poisonous gasses, nerve gasses, and others of this nature are currently banned in the "civilized world" and monitored through The World Court based in The Hague. I am petitioning to add to these "weapons of mass destruction" ALL remotely-controlled weapon systems, such as used in drone aircraft and (ATV) all terrain vehicles. I feel that the use and spread of this type of weapon system will only serve to make warfare into a "video game" in which humans using these systems have no direct contact nor empathy with the human subjects that are their "targets" for death, thereby "de-humanizing" war even further.

Posted May 31, 2012
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