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Defend CIPO-RFM and its members from violence!

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Defend CIPO-RFM and its members from violence!


Why this is important

There are recent worrying reports from the community house of the The Indigenous Popular Council of Oaxaca "Ricardo Flores Magón" (CIPO-RFM) in Oaxaca City about possible threats to the security of the house and the indigenous peoples living there. The CIPO-RFM is a community group that struggles for human rights and indigenous autonomy using creative, non-violent means.

The reports, collected from trustworthy sources, suggest the police and/or paramilitaries are preparing to break into the house without warrant or permission to disband the CIPO members who have protection at this community house and to occupy the organization's main place of gathering and learning. As justification, the rumours police are circulating wrongly accuse the CIPO-RFM, a group that is by definition a peaceful, non-violent contributor to the social movement for human rights, of being linked to armed groups.

Please support these courageous indigenous peoples' struggle by helping spread the word about the current circumstances in Oaxaca, sending letters and telephoning government contacts listed below.

This urgent action is being organized by CIPO-VAN, a collective based in Vancouver, Canada. Please visit our blog for more info:

Posted December 14, 2012
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