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Do not approve added phosphates in salted Cod products

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Do not approve added phosphates in salted Cod products


Why this is important

The European Union is about to approve the use of phosphates in the process of salting and curing cod products, nevertheless these products have been salting and curing for ages in a traditional way that is 100% natural and additive free. The main reason for this is not for quality or safety issues, but merelly for a matter of aspect,i.e., just to look better for some consumers in some countries that like whiter and clear fish products. This does not seem reasonable, once it will introduce an unnecessary chemical in these kind of food, which for human safety reasons will have to be controlled and maximum residue limits will have to be established. Those who like whiter fish have plenty options available and do not need to adulterate this genuine and traditional 100% naturally salted and cured product. We already have too much chemicals in our daily products, do not need to add one more that is completelly unnecessary.

Posted September 21, 2012
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