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There we go! We done it!

There we go! We done it!


What and how we won!

Quite a few weeks back the EU has removed the proposed ban from the "remove gender stereotypes proposition". I'm sorry it didn't come earlier but I thank you so much for your support. This would not have been possible without you.

Why this is important

The European Union is proposing a ban in which all forms of pornography would be banned on the internet in Europe. They would find sites and censor them without appeal, this ban is completely unnecessary and furthermore is an infringement of freedoms of speech and expression for both genders.

What's even worse is that they censored any emails disapproving this proposed ban. This would also damage the European economy further and make many people redundant in such professions . all humans should have the right to express themselves however they please. If you agree, sign this, and let us all keep having a free internet. We also don't have much time, vote starts on the 12th of March.

I also must tell you to spread this round, however possible. Twitter, Facebook or email, this is for our freedoms of expression and speech

Posted March 8, 2013
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