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Call on The EU to boycott Illegal Israeli Settlements

Call on The EU to boycott Illegal Israeli Settlements


Why this is important

In November 2012 the UN recognized Palestine as a state however there are still 500,000 Israeli settlers living in settlements built on land seized from Palestinians.

These Settlements are illegal according to International Law the U.N.and the E.U. However the E.U. (Israels largest trading partner) continues to support them by trading with them with an estimated value or €96 million - €160 million.

These settlements divide the land and water supply of the West Bank and make a viable Palestinian State based in the West Bank and Gaza impossible. 42% of the land in West Bank has been allocated to settler (by the Israeli government) and they use 75% of all the water in the West Bank.

Palestinians are subjected to restrictions movement, land confiscations, demolitions, ware shortages and violence due to settlements and settlement expansion.

Please add your name to the call for The EU to boycott goods produced in Israeli Settlements until Israel agrees to stop settlements expansion until a final deal on a two state solution is reached and Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace.

Posted November 25, 2012
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