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End the disgrace of 'slave labour' at the Queen's Jubilee

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End the disgrace of 'slave labour' at the Queen's Jubilee


Why this is important

Update: under growing pressure, Close Protection UK has apologised to these workers -- but let's keep applying the heat to ensure they pay them what's due and commit not to exploit workers in this way again!

Millions of pounds were spent as Britain celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee last weekend. But according to the Guardian, unemployed folk were bussed into London and forced to work 14-hour shifts for free as security staff, sleeping under a bridge and changing clothing in public, while being denied toilet facilities for 24 hours.

We call on the company involved, Close Protection UK Ltd, to:

1) apologise to the workers involved
2) retrospectively pay the workers the going rate for the work done
3) promise to end all involvement in 'workfare' schemes involving free labour

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Posted June 5, 2012
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