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Equalize the rights of the croatian conservator restorers!

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Equalize the rights of the croatian conservator restorers!


Why this is important

My name is Goran Budija, I am 52 year old, metals conservator-restorer from Croatia. Croatian Ministry of Culture for many years refuses to equalize the rights of Conservator restorers employed in museums with rights of conservator restorers employed in Croatian Conservation Institute .
I have 11 years of service, and during that time published articles on metals conservation which are not recognized as official service and works required for obtaining the senior title. However my published works are part of compulsory literature for the state examination for metal conservator restorers both at the Croatian Conservation Institute and museums. I sent a number of e-mail messages to two former ministers of culture and the current Minister of Culture and Prime Minister too, but without any specific answers, and when I got the response it was heap of bureaucratic nonsenses. Briefly, they use a very simple way of "solving" aforementioned problem – by ignoring it. Please note that I am not the only one who suffers consequences of that, but others believe that it is better to keep quiet about it and that this is not the only problem connected with conservator restorers employed in museums, solved by Ministry of Culture in such way.
So if you want to sign the petition, please do it.
If you want please copy the petition and send it as a signed e-mail to the Croatian Minister of Culture ( web based mail ,or hers secretary mail [email protected]
), and Croatian Prime Minister( [email protected] ). Please be polite if you are adding any additional comments.
If you wish, please forward the petition to all conservator restorers that you know.

Goran Budija
metals conservator restorer

Museum of Arts and Crafts Zagreb Croatia

Posted January 25, 2013
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