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Establish a new economic system for the world

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Establish a new economic system for the world


Why this is important

It is no longer business as usual for the world's economy and it will never ever return to being ‘business as usual’. People all around the world right now are pushing for change - for political freedom and economic justice; for indeed, it is 'we the people', we the citizens of the world who deeply desire change, who must become the foot soldiers, the game changers and go out into the world and bring about change. It is now time to ask the question: who says that money should forever play a role in human civilization? I say it does not. Just think about it. The human race does not need money in order to survive, thrive and evolve and it is time to let it go!. I say it is time to birth a new civilization based on the principles of All ‘Beings’ Are of Equal Value, with monetary values replaced by ‘The Pursuit of Excellence in Service to Self and in Service to All Others’. Please check out the philosophy, engage in the discussion and join the movement. Blessings, Ronke Rwagaju

Posted December 22, 2012
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