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For a strong Community behind CouchSurfing

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For a strong Community behind CouchSurfing


Why this is important

We, the community of CouchSurfing, are the ones who built everything from scratch in voluntary work. Many of us still are doing everything to keep the spirit of CouchSurfing alive, even if it's getting more and more difficult, as much is done to raise the numbers of users, but not enough to keep the quality at the same time. Many of us already left as CouchSurfing turned into a B-Corporation, because of the fear that the spirit about the alternative way of CouchSurfing got lost completely and profit and greed took it's place.

The newest changes in the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy show clearly, that the mission „One couch at the time“ was replaced by seeking profit, forcing people to leave the community if the law of their country doesn't fit with the dictatorial rules of CouchSurfing International Inc.

As this community was giving such a high social reward to all it's users, and as we won't just watch how this all is destroyed by the profit-seeking share holders, we decided to fight for the future of our community and will do our best to put it back to the track of the user based community it has been for a long time!

As I can't insert the hole demands into the text of my petition, the full demands can be found here:

Detailed Information about the single demands can be found here:

Please also all send this demands to [email protected] directly to show your personal unhappiness.

To make mobilisation easier now and for future fights, I created a Facebook-Page to collect all users that use Facebook and want to fight for a strong Community behind CouchSurfing:

Help us with our fight, do everything that this petition is going viral! This is our chance to show that we do care about the future of CouchSurfing, and that we do care how we and our data is handled!

Posted September 9, 2012
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