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Free Reverend Roger Christie RIGHT NOW!

Free Reverend Roger Christie RIGHT NOW!


Why this is important

Reverend Roger Christie, founder of The Hawai'i Cannabis Ministry, has been indefinitely, coercively, cruelly imprisoned without trial, without bail, denied visitors since July 2010. What's happening to Reverend Roger is what the Constitution was written to prevent!

Roger's trial has the potential to end Cannabis prohibition at the federal level, in time to harvest feral hemp seed in the midwest United States this Fall. If we don't harvest the seed from this year's so-called "ditch-weed" we will not have what we need to plant in the Spring.

Any plants that survived last year's drought to produce viable seeds this year have been acclimated to conditions that we can anticipate will reoccur. It is pivotally important that we harvest America's wild hemp seed this year.

Posted July 21, 2013
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