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Give our Couchsurfing Groups back!

Give our Couchsurfing Groups back!


Why this is important

Couchsurfing (CS) is a site and the backbone of the Couchsurfing community. Couchsurfing has become a verb worldwide, with over 5 million members being couchsurfers.

What made the site the backbone of the CS-ers was the Groups. A kind of forum where you can make posts and subgroups, thus building a caring community with a lot of feedback.
There is priceless information in these very active Groups and subgroups, because CS is So Much More than staying over at other peoples places! CS is a Network of like-minded people connecting through meetings and activities organised through those Groups.

The members of CS have build this community through the Groups with their money, time, effort and care. The city Groups, their posts, information and subgroups have all been taken off of the site on December 6th. In place of them have come Place Pages which place Big Individual cities under the same area like they are one city! While not minding any kind of borders at all and not testing the site for bugs.
The old site worked well and looked well and there was nothing wrong with it, the new site however is totally full of bugs and the members are expected to report those bugs while there are paid employees who should do that work. The only thing to communicate with now are chat boxes for random topicless conversations by confused people.

None of the previous protests about changes whatsoever have been heard by the board of directors. They have changed CS from a non-profit to a profit organization, have re-created the whole website, have dumped the original and famous logo and removed the backbone of CS; the city Groups.

The managers have Zero Couchsurfing hosting, surfing or travelling experience, censor people who only make clear they don't agree, remove protest posts and post totally irrelevant cat and dog gifs in very serious conversations.

This has to stop! The current CS policy is duping all the members and the good name couchsurfing has as a verb worldwide with driving the people away like this. With this petition we want to make clear once and for all that you can't treat people like that.

We want our city Groups back!
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Posted December 8, 2012
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