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Give abandoned Children the chance to have a family! Change the adoption law in Romania!

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Give abandoned Children the chance to have a family! Change the adoption law in Romania!


Why this is important

40,000 children abandoned by their parents are held ''hostage'' in orphanages in Romania by current law of adoptions that makes their adoption almost impossible!
Every six hours a baby is abandoned in maternities from Romania. He/she will grow alone, without love and attention, in a hospital bed. Sometimes the babies are being left there up to a year, then to be diagnosed with disabilities due to lack of attention .

They can be saved by the love of adoptive parents . But they don't get this chance because of the law and people who maintain a routine system that turns these kids into victims. The Romanian autorities look up to the fourth degree relatives of this children, trying uselessly to reintegrate them into the natural family, and this process takes years .

Judges are required by law to have the mothers come to court, even those ''mothers'' who want to kill their the babies! Even those denied parental rights still have the right to decide if the baby can be adopted or not .

Sometimes deadlines are extended for years because there is only one Juvenile Court (Adoption Court) in the entire country, in Brasov.

In the mean time this children are growing up alone in hospitals, orphanages or, the ''lucky'' ones, in Social Workers family. This ones grows up thinking the Social Workers are his/her parents, so even when finally their adoption process finishes, they suffer again a huge trauma, feeling like they are snatched by his ''parents'' and have to go away with unknown persons, because they usually are 3-4-5 years old.

40,000 abandoned children want to have a family.

Authorities have pledged that by 2008 to establish Juvenile Courts in all counties , but the idea was dropped due to lack of funds, although the annual spending budget is 100 million LEI to keep abandoned children in the system. Many of them were not declared adoptable ever, even if natural family has not ever tried to found them.

There is a draft law initiated by a group of 30 NGOs, that proposes that an abandoned child without parental care, which was not sought by the natural parents or relatives in the first six weeks of his abandonment on maternity, hospital, social protection institutions, OPA (Approved private bodies competent in the work of adoption) or public places, to be definitively adopted. Specifically, the mother will be taken by social workers to Court where she will declare that she wish to abandon the child, and the child will immediately go direct to the foster families who are on waiting lists. The family takes the child directly from the hospital. The mother can reconsider its decision within 8 weeks. She can take back the child, but only after an investigation. If, after the eight weeks, the mother did not return, the Child Protection Commission issued the decision by which the child is considered abandoned and subsequently declared adoptable child, being able to stay in the family who took him directly from the hospital. The project shows that, exceptionally, the court can override natural parents or guardian refuse of consenting to adoption of the child if it is proved by concrete evidence that they improperly withheld to give their consent to the adoption and the court considers that the adoption is in the best interests of the child.
The draft law also stipulates that children for which haven't been identified a national adoptive family in six months from the date of acquiring the status of eligible child for adoption, or institutionalized child for which was not identified a national foster family until the age of 1, may be adopted in E.U. Community or internationally.

Please preoccupied with the interests of those innocent victims who fate struck them twice: thrown away by their parents, and being denied by the Romanian Office for Adoptions right to have an adoptive loving family! Please change the Law of Adoption that keeps prisoners of human indifference innocent babies and children!

Posted March 27, 2014
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