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Ireland: Hospitable or heartless?

Ireland: Hospitable or heartless?


Why this is important

It makes you think differently about Ireland when you hear that a woman passed away in agony because doctors refused to give her an abortion when she and her baby were dying. But it’s not just the doctors we need to tackle -- it’s our politicians who’re too scared of the church to update Ireland's laws!

The Irish Supreme Court said 20 years ago that if a mother is at risk, an abortion should be allowed. But that didn’t save Savita. Ireland’s lily livered politicians have failed to bring in the laws needed to ensure all health professionals have legal clarity and stop needless deaths. What will it take? Nothing less than a laser-focused campaign to challenge head of government, Enda Kenny, personally, to enact the law we need.

Labour say they’re keen to do the right thing, but Fine Gael is blocking. If thousands of us, from across Ireland and India, join in, we can restore Ireland’s pride. Let’s all now call on Enda Kenny to introduce a new law in Savita’s memory -- sign the petition now, then share it with everyone!

Posted November 21, 2012
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