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PetroSA has recently announced that they plan to extend the life of their offshore gas development by stimulating wells by using hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing is a technique which entails water, sand and chemicals pumped under pressure into geological formations to create fractures and release gas or oil. According to the background Information Document, the gas field development is situated about 110km offshore of Mossel Bay. Some of the key potential impacts identified so far include possible seismicity, possible discharge of fluids overboard, air emissions, possible accidental spills, possible discharges or blow-outs, possible impacts on plankton, fish, and marine life due to chemical discharges and noise, to mention but a few. Onshore activities related to the development include increased truck traffic in certain areas for certain periods of time and increased water consumption from the municipal water supply. Members of the public are encouraged to register as interested and affected parties (I&AP's) by 12 August 2013 by contacting Worley Parsons by sending a comment to [email protected] It is important to submit comments on the background document and highlight key areas for research during the EIA phase.

Why risk possible environmental damage to our planet when there are more environmentally-friendly alternative sources of energy available, which should be explored and utilised?

Please see for more information regarding the detrimental effects of hydraulic fracturing across our planet.

Posted July 29, 2013
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